The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, December 05, 2016

The Bighorn Sheep

A few of my photos of the Bighorns from the last few days.

The Lambs are so cute and so laid back in
 the way they mingle in the herd.

The Rams are in their rut so lots of posturing as they
compete for the females. 

Notice how this Ram has rubbed off the ends of his horns,
called brooming.


Mom and her little one.

There were four Rams in this herd and he was
definitely the biggest and most striking.

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!

One of the Ewes with a broken horn that is growing back.

A handsome Ram with his upper lip curled
as he follows the scent of a female in heat.
Definitely a highlight of my day to be able to
take this many photos of such a beautiful and healthy herd.


  1. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous herd! I just love seeing pictures like this. That large male is just magnificent and so handsome - he looks bigger than a cow!! :))

  2. Beautiful photos, I will have to get out west someday.


  3. Oh, they are beautiful. The young ones are cute, as you say, and the older ones are really handsome. Wonderful pictures again.

  4. Wow! Wildlife is amazing and I love you sharing your world with us!

  5. Some great photos once again, thanks you for sharing these magnificent animals.

  6. FINALLY!!! someone who loves working with wool, Montana and primitive!! I've truly come home! Thank you

  7. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    Merry Christmas, Charlotte

  8. Lovely! You are so fortunate to live there. I live in North Carolina near the coast and long to be north near woods. Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing such lovely photos!

  9. I can imagine how amazing they must be in person, but I always enjoy seeing your photos and being able to enjoy something I have never seen.



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