The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Family

A real surprise to see the family of Pronghorns coming up to the house as I was getting home the other day.

I'm sitting still in the car, engine off, music off, as I wait for them to decided where they want to go.

What are you all looking at?

It's your handsome Paw.  I'm only assuming, of course.

Mom, where are you going?

Mom, wait! 

I was sitting outside on the deck last evening, sewing, when I look up and here they all come up from the lower meadow, the little ones running with their crazy legs flying.  Running back down to the meadow, back up to the house, of course, I don't dare breath for fear of frightening them.  One of the females even came up the house to drink from one of the saucers that I put out for the birds.  She saw me, never took her eyes off me, but she drank and then joined the family. 


  1. Great shots, nice that you were able to see the whole family.


  2. what a treat, to be able to see such wildlife up close.

  3. I envy you so, what a wonderful site to see......Can I come live with you? please, LOL!! Francine.

  4. I love the babies! What a special gift to you to have them come visit!

  5. This is so lovely! They are so elegant, have such sweet faces. Love the last picture of the two young ones running after mummy, they look like little ballet dancers with tutu's (do you know the dance of the little swans in Swan Lake?)!

  6. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!

  7. That's awesome Nancy. My husband and I loved when we went to Yellowstone, we saw quite a few of the pronghorns.

  8. those are amazing photos, I really love the ones you share!

  9. We just came home via Yellowstone and out the nw entrance through Gardiner. We drove along to Livingston and saw a rd or creek called Tom Miner. I immediately thought of you and wondered if this is the area where you live. It is amazingly beautiful, as is all of western Montana. This spring has been very kind to the prairie and our trip across I-90 to Billings and south to Wyoming was spectacular. Lush green grass swaying in the breeze. We live in central Oregon and are also blessed with beautiful scenry, but nothing compares to western Montana. Thanks for sharing your pics and life with us.

  10. Daffodil, you were definately in my neighborhood and this has been a wonderful spring with rain and cool temps so the mountains and meadows are lush and green. You picked a great time to visit Yellowstone.
    take care,


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