The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Le Quilt de la Veuve...The Widow's Quilt

I received this beautiful magazine from Christiane Billard of France.  I'm hoping I get the translation correct.  I very much want to thank Christiane for including me in her article about Mourning Quilts.  A wonderful, informative article called Les Quilts Americains et le deuil, For Americans and Mourning Quilts.

We had hoped to include a picture of Jim's Cross Quilt, but it was not meant to be, but Christiane still spoke of me in her article;
"Quilts of mourning do not belong only to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the tradition continues.  Nancy Moore in MT has two beautiful quilts sewn with cross in memory of Jim, her husband who died two years ago, in both quilts.  She uses pieces of shirts of Jim's."

I won't tell you that I didn't cry when I read that.

Christiane included this stunning quilt in her article, Graveyard Quilt, dated 1843, Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell, copyright Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KT
I'm drawn to the colors and the imagery in this quilt.

I will be spending more time translating the entire article.  Thank you so very much Christiane.


  1. That is wonderful that she sent you a copy and a wonderful book to have and be mentioned in. It is a shame that your quilts weren't included, they are wonderful examples.


  2. I receive this magazine and have read this informative article with great interest. I also noticed that you were mentioned in the article. I truly think that quilts give a certain kind of eternity to both those who make them but also to those for whom the quilts are made.

  3. I believe the title means The Quilt of the Widow, or The Widow's Quilt.



  4. such a touching thing.....,,,, so glad she sent you a copy. I love the cross quilts. truly have not stopped thinking on them since seeing the photos. hugs

  5. Wonderful heartfelt tradition.

  6. How wonderful, Francine.

  7. Hi, Nancy,
    I am sorry you lost your husband two years ago, I lost mine three years ago. I cut up all his plaid shirt (of which he had many) and made a memory quilt for our son. I used the simple Yellow Brick Road pattern.


  8. Very sweet and moving.

  9. I love your blog. You are inspiring.


  10. Very special. As is the quilt.


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