The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Decided I wanted to make an ark quilt.  Just happen to have Noah from Jan Patek, Linda Brannock and Gerry Kimmel.  The book was published in 1991.  Wonder what I was doing back then, thinking we were thinking of moving to Montana.
Love this wallhanging with a huge ark, using my vintage Brannock and Patek fabrics from my stash.
Bailey loves all the fabrics, too.


  1. Bailey sure does love your fabrics! I look forward to seeing it done!

  2. Evening Nancy.....oh that will be beautiful.....sweet kitty all curled up on your fabric.....Blessings Francine.

  3. What a fun book---that wallhanging is going to be wonderful. Love that kitty curled up in your fabrics. :)

  4. love Noah patterns, bet it will be wonderful!

  5. I love that book and plan on making more from it.
    Your piece is wonderful, I need to work from the actual patterns, but I like to mess with things, lol.


  6. Hi Nancy,
    You got me thinking back to 1991, my life was so different then, hard to believe how things move on.
    Bailey has the right idea to snuggle into the fabrics after all thats what quilts are for.

  7. Making quilts was about the furthest thing from my mind in 1991. Hubby returned from Desert Storm, my mom lost her battle with cancer, my daughter was a pre-teen, and I had a stressful full-time job.
    Thanks goodness a little prim quilt shop opened near me in the late 90's. Without a clue about how to make a quilt, I would go there often and poke around. Soon enough I tried a pattern and then got talked into taking a class. Boy am I glad *s*


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