The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, November 09, 2012

Another Block for the Collector Series and Finally Snow

Another block completed from the Collector Series, the birds and heart were suppose to be pieced, but always liking to applique first, went with that instead.
The extra project included with this block, so many that I would really like to go back and work on, but I am on a mission to finish this top first.
Went to bed knowing a winter storm was coming, and yep, they had the forecast right, lots of snow, a little over a foot this morning and still snowing, loving it.
A view from the side of the house, looking towards the upper meadow and the mountain cliff.
I've only shoveled enough to get to the back of the house to sweep the snow off the satellite and feed the birds. 


  1. I haven't been around snow for a number of years. It is pretty but looking at a picture of snow is enough for me.

  2. I love the birds going across, really nice piece for a small table topper.
    Love the snow and love that it is in your backyard, lol.


  3. While I love the outdoors it seems very brave of you to be where you are all by yourself. Curious about your provisions- how far to a store? You must be well prepared for whatever comes along!!


  4. I like the birds going across too. The snow is headed our way - I think we will have much less than you. It is so pretty. Very nice if you can stay in and stitch.

  5. really like your blocks!
    the snow pictures are wonderful!
    it looks like Christmas!

  6. Brannock & Patek best of folk art there is out there, a friend made me the little extra bird quilt, pieced, so treasure it......

  7. Can't believe it's already that time of year! Love your Collector blocks. I've got the BOM but haven't started it yet. I'm working on a Pennies from Heaven wool BOM right now... and in love! :)

  8. Hi Nancy,
    Looks like you should be under that lovely Sue Spargo wool quilt right now.The snow looks lovely in your landscape, not so pretty on sludgy town streets.
    I love how you've appliqued instead of piecing, I would do that too.
    Keep warm and cosy,Angela.x

  9. Morning Nancy....wonderful block, love the birdies......we are also in winter storm watch.....starting now and will continue all day and night......Blessings Fracine.

  10. It's beautiful---the blocks AND the snow. It looks so peaceful there at your place, covered with its blanket of white.

  11. I like to visit your blog because you have a peaceful vibe - you obviously share my love of snow, and you're a fine quilter!!!


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