The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Imperial Blooms Progress and a little Wildife

I started prepping the top border yesterday, using fabric scraps from the flowers and the binding fabric to add the additional applique circle behind the blue wool circle. 
Sidney seems to be curious on what's outside the window.
It's a baby marmot.  Love his bushy tail.
He hears the camera clicking thru the window.
Nothing to be alarmed about.  Although his mom was watching on the rocks and gave him a huge scolding for being so close to the house.  Funny to watch that interaction between them.


  1. Of course I love your imperial blooms, you did such a beautiful job on them and a beautiful finish for them. Love that little guy, he is so cute.


  2. Emperial Blooms is a beauty. I am sure it has involved a lot of work doing all the stitching but well worth the time spent.

  3. Your Imperial Blooms is wonderful!I love all your much fun to watch all of them I bet...we had a fox a bit ago...a red cute but too fast for me to get a picture!

  4. The border is looking great.

  5. gosh another great quilt! great colors! great stitchen and great distraction for those kitties out the window! enjoy your evening nancy.

  6. YOur Imperial Blooms blocks are gorgeous. I just took a class from Sue Spargo. She is wonderful!


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