The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, May 04, 2012

Imperial Blooms and Exercise

More progress on the borders of Imperial Blooms, the scallops are not suppose to be cut apart, but I needed to in order to decide placement of the different scraps on the border.  Changing the embellishments some.

Angela, the quilt is still sandwiched like a regular quilt and quilted.  Will attempt to machine quilt at least part of this one.  I hand quilted all the other Sue Spargo quilts that I have made.  That was not easy, but it's hard for me to get close enough to the applique with my machine with all the embellishments.
I heard Mum, human Mum say I was getting heavy.  Of course she meant fat.
So I'm doing leg lifts to flatten my stomach, nice form, tail curled, feet, I mean paws raised off the floor, I can feel the pull.
I'm counting the lifts, but to what number.  Maybe I'll do them until I just fall asleep.


  1. He is not that big, Moki probably outweighs him by a few pounds, lol.
    Moki likes to run, run after izzy because he loves how she goes spazzy and hides in the corner and he gets his kick out of teasing her;)

    Love how those are coming out, the wools are so beautiful.


  2. I like how you show what is involved in your project.

  3. Your cat does leg lifts like I do :P That's cute!


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