The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old Quilts

I continue to work on washing quilts and even labeling those that I failed to do so when they were first made.  This one I guess should be called Fused Bird since I actually fused all the applique, one little leg is peeled off, but from the fabrics, Red Wagon fabrics, I remember that it was probably made around 1995.  So that will go on the label, close enough.
Sunflower quilt, have no idea where I found the pattern or if this is actually the name, but it is all needle turn applique, so must have come after the Fused Birds, also has Red Wagon fabrics, so 1995 something.  That is also close enough.
Looks like a mess, I cut out the templates for the second block of the Pictorial Quilt from Harriet Powers.  I had just enough fabric for the black background from an old shirt.  Faded nicely for the look I want.

Sitting here at the computer, looking out the window, watching it snow, big, fat, wet flakes. 


  1. 1995 was the year I made my first full sized bed quilt. I is in rust, soft browns and cream inspired by the Autumn leaves on the trees at the time. I made it for my grandson who was 2years old at the time. He's 18 now, how time flies. The name on the label,
    ''Joseph's Quilt of Autumn Colours''.
    Happy washing and quilting Nancy,
    Smiles, Angela.x

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Good Morning....You have inspired me to go back and label a lot of my quilts. I teach quilting at a local shop and I always tell my students to put a label on their quilt. I was so good at this in the beginning many, many years ago but over the last couple of years I have not followed thru with my own advice........sandi in MN.

  3. most of my quilts have labels...but I have so many tops with no info...will have to start working on those...

    the sunflower quilt makes me think of Quilter's Newsletter or the variety of fabrics in a controlled color scheme...

  4. I really need to go back in time and label some of my quilts that I never did. I have even given many as gifts that I didn't label!! Aack! Don't tell the label police :/ It's such an easy thing to do yet, I am pretty lazy about it.

    Love the quilts in your photos! Love the reds.

  5. votre collection de quilts est impressionnante. Bravo !

  6. I love that bird quilt, just something about it. I think I have some patterns like it, so will have to make one. Can't wait to see how you next block comes out.


  7. Ihave lots of quilts and other projects that I never labeled...I try and do them all now. We had snow in the mountains this past weekend and now it's warm again!!Have a great day!!

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Hi Nancy,
    I follow your blog most every day. Paradise Valley is my birthplace. My parents owned a ranch on the other side of the river. Right on Strawberry Creek. My aunt and uncle had a ranch on Spring Creek. I was born in Livingston in 1961. My dad got itchy feet when I was about 8. He had a hard time with all the "movie mutts," started buying up valley ranch land and turning it into a "toy." Kind of hard on a man who was trying his best to provide for a family of five. We eventually bought a ranch on the Sweet Grass and five years later to his "boondock" ranch in western South Dakota. No movie stars there.
    Anyway , I've been up the Tom Miner Basin and had fabulous fly fishing. Lot's of bears in the 60's and 70's.
    I currently live in Worland, WY. Dreadful place but hubby has a great job. I'm a cross stitcher, quilter, rug hooker and needle puncher.
    I cried when you lost your husband. I prayed many hours that God would be with you and somehow comfort you. I'm proud of you for pulling on your boots and gettin' back at it. God never promised life would be easy, but that he would be there with you and would'nt leave your side.
    I would love to buy that sunflower quilt. Let me know if it is for sale. Be careful of those big cats and bears.
    Cindy in WY

  9. I am enjoying seeing your older quilts. All ones that I like.

  10. Now you've got me thinking about washing my quilts. I've got labels on all of them and they are all applique quilts. They are kind of stiff and I'd love them a little softer. I guess I could just use Ivory and hand wash in a big sink and then throw in the dryer? I'm scared!

  11. Mickaëla11:42 PM

    Nancy, your quilts are wonderful !!
    Kiss from France

  12. How great to see some of the older quilts. I remember the bird quilt - it was a model in a local quilt shop . . . back when I was only a dreamer and not a quilter. I would just stare and stare (drool and drool *s*) over it, wondering if I would EVER be able to figure out how to make such a thing. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  13. Cindy, I will let you know if I decide to sell the quilt. I very much appreciate your comments.

  14. wow nancy, you are always soo busy! im so thankful for my interests as they keep me sane and i could stay home for days! not needing or wanting anything..i love your purses and your beautiful quilts! oh and the wonderful kitties who are cuddling! i hope the weather shapes up soon! enjoy your day!

  15. Hmmmm. 1995. What was going on in my life in '95? I was having my second baby boy and we were building our new house that seemed so big at the time..... :) Now seven Native's later!! It's quite cozy.

    Love the red backgrounds. I hadn't started quilting yet in '95. I was painting ceramics and tole painting. I started quilting around '98 or so.


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