The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Primrose Birds and Snow...

Three more blocks finished for Sue's Bird Dance...

The reds are especially vibrant in these blocks.

I only have three more blocks to finish for the main
section of the quilt and then the border.
I received my first installment of Sue's Fresh Cut BOM
so I will be working on that as well finishing
the Emily Munroe quilt. 

Another Winter storm has dropped lots of snow over the past two days,
 probably close to two feet so far.

Beautiful, but brutal especially for the wildlife.

These are photos of my back yard.


  1. Beautiful birds. The red is so bright on the snow. Although the snow is beautiful, I too feel badly for the wildlife. We have been fortunate so far this year. But, it is only February, wink.

  2. I really enjoy your outside world! Here we have an unusually small amount of snow, but the deer have been coming right up to the house at night.

  3. Your birds are such fun, Nancy. I like the pieced background fabrics, too. I'm still hoping for snow in Ohio so I'm a little envious of yours, but I know Montana's temperatures are generally much colder than here and I'm not envious at all of that!

  4. Those blocks are coming out so beautifully and something fun and cheerful to work on, with all the snow you are getting.


  5. Lovely blocks, the birds have such happy colors and the pieced background is really nice.

  6. Love those birds!!

  7. The culling of the weak is winter's bleakness. Life gives us such beauty with it's evolution from season to season. I hope you are warm and find peace in your beautiful quilting!

    Karen in NC

  8. The wool birds are so wonderful!
    The snow has been unusually heavy this year! We have had over 40" and that is very unusual for Central Oregon. Your view is amazing!!

  9. looks very cold, 60 here in Ga.


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