The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Kumquat Birds...

Three more blocks finished for Sue's Bird Dance.
That large circle stitch is called the Trellis Stitch and
a Silken Pearl embellishment thread was used. 
Lots of variations in the colors in that thread and
 it's rather thick so the stitch really stands out. 

A Razzle thread was used to embellishment the bird's head feather.
I stitched two Drizzle stitches and then couched them down.
It was 10 degrees when I was trying to find some sun
to take these photos so the colors would stand out more.
I'm pushing to finish the last six blocks before I start
Sue's 2017 BOM, Fresh Cut.  The first installment arrives next week
and after seeing a gorgeous, so Sue and such a great design
with vivid, bright wools on a background of black wool.
Everything else is a secret for a year.


  1. Just beautiful, Nancy! I also signed up for Sue's 2017 Fresh Cut BOM. My first ever BOM with Sue. I've been so inspired since I began following your progress, and I signed up for Sue's Craftsy class... it's been hard for me... trying to be patient while waiting for Sue's first month's BOM!

  2. Those are beautiful and a wonderful way to learn new stitches.


  3. Love those happy colors!

  4. Delicious! And, you are already thinking of the next one. Hmmm, sounds familiar! I would love to learn more embroidery stitches. Your work is stunning.

  5. The birds are so charming!! Your stitching is really fantastic!

  6. what a hoot! i love them

  7. Love these little birds.


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