The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Pronghorn with Twin Fawns

A view from my window, looking down to the lower meadow.  A first for me, have never seen Pronghorn fawns much less twins here on the property.  Too sweet for words.

The pictures seem hazy since I'm having to shoot thru the glass and screen, didn't want to scare them by going outside.

Look at those long, skinny legs, made for running.

Eating dirt, not really, well maybe, but rather the minerals that are in the soil.


  1. Beautiful, even with the screening.


  2. Oh you are a lucky lady to see those beautiful twins out your window, thanks for sharing, enjoyed seeing the pictures, Francine.

  3. Very sweet indeed.

    I was out mowing the property yesterday and saw three deer munching on something tasty. I drove over to see what they could possibly be eating and discovered we have a wonderful field of alpine strawberries :) Things like this just make my heart happy :D

  4. How special just lovely thanks for sharing.

  5. What beautiful elegant creatures they are. A great honour to see them by your house.

  6. Ahhh, so sweet. Great pics, love to see this, thanks!

  7. How wonderful! Love those skinny, little legs - I agree with Angela on their elegance and beauty!!

  8. hi Nancy, its been way to hot to play outside today so have been trying to catch up in the house.. always trying to catch up. love seeing the mama with her 2 babies! so sweet, your lil chipmunk too is adorable many years back I had one under the steps. so fun! she moved on though when she saw how many fur babes lived here. there really isn't another word for the swans than beautiful and majestic.. my mom/dad have a spot they go to every year and watch a pair thru out the summer with their babies. have gotten some beautiful pictures... I love your quilts and seeing how your kitty so badly wants to help! enjoy your wild life! and thanx for sharing!

  9. How beautiful they are! And to see them from your own house is even better!


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