The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, July 09, 2012


Sidney is giving Bailey the evil eye as he plays in the other room where I'm sewing.  Don't know why she just doesn't come join him, cats.

What I was sewing, the blocks are stitched together on the Wonky Cross.
Bailey is clueless that Sidney is watching him with her evil eye.  She'll smack him later to make herself feel better, cats.


  1. It is funny how they get in their moods. Moki is always giving Izzy the eye and she gets all upset, knowing he intends to pounce on her for his own pleasure;) Love how you quilt came out, those fabrics are gorgeous in that design.


  2. Did you have a pattern for Wonky Cross quilt? Love how all the reds work together!

    1. You can find the tute on under blankets and quilts.


  3. Love how the wonky cross quilt turned great! Cat do behave in the strangest way sometime...but I love them!!

  4. Those blocks are speaking to me. What size are they?

  5. oh nancy i just love all your quilts! your kitties are just too cute laying around on all the wonderful quilts. what a life! love the wonky cross quilt. still want to make a couple for my children. im sure not getting much done these days tho.. stitchen a bit and working on soap. i love the red fabrics, my favorite color! enjoy your day!

  6. Wonder what people who don't have cats do for giggles?

  7. Hi Nancy,
    Your cats really make me smile, who knows what's going on in there heads!!
    I really like your wonky crosses such a simple design but really effective.
    Thanks for your visit, great to see you.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  8. Your wonky cross quilt looks great, hanging from your line. I keep thinking that I am going to miss your photos of your quilts on your line when the weather turns bad....unless you happen to wear snowboots out to your line!

  9. Pets are SO funny.

  10. Thank goodness for pets ;-)
    Wonky Cross is wonderful - love the reds.


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