The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cat Fight

Oh, I'll get to the cat fight that has been going on for days, at least I was able to stitch something the last few days, another spring purse.  I love the combination of brown with pink, otherwise, not really a "bright" fabrics person.
Bailey, come down here.


 As only a Burmese can say it, imagine that high pitch scream a baby can give when they are really, really unhappy.


Sidney smells.

She can't help it.

Don't care.  She smells really, really bad.

She had to go to the animal doctor, you know, to see the vet.

I know what a vet is.  I'm a Burmese, remember.

Look at her.

Her feelings are hurt, she won't even come upstairs.

Don't care.  I'm a cat, we don't have to have a reason for what we do.

You can wake me when you get rid of that smell on her.  Or she's gone from the bottom of the stairs.  I am hungry, weak and I'm tired, haven't slept a wink in the last few days.   I can't even remember when I last ate.  This has been going on for too long.

You can leave me now, let me know when you have taken care of things.  It wouldn't hurt you to give her a bath, you could stop stitching long enough to do that.
Maybe, did have time to prep the Imperial Blooms block while I considered giving Sidney a bath. 


  1. hahahhhhaaa! love that post! I have 3 cats. Know the language!

  2. Ha! Love your cat story...I have a sweet cat named, Max...I think she must be related to Bailey...they sure look alike. She was a kitten born on the farm..who knows what her heritage is?? Fab the colors!

    1. I have to laugh at myself after writing that I'm not a brights person and then here I go stitching on Sue's block with turquoise, lime green and purple. Always a exception when a design draws you in.

  3. Brown and Pink are lovely warm combinations, first time look at your posts and certainly like what I saw in nature and artistry.

  4. They really do notice smells, especially after a vet visit, mine always go through the sniffing stage till it wears off, same as when they go outside.


  5. That is too funny...when my cat, Pingo comes home from the vet, my other cat, Chloe hisses and ignores him...LOL

  6. Great cat story. Cats are so independent.They own us. Lol, hugs Cheri

  7. That story was hilarious and having cats myself, I could TOTALLY see and hear it! Love the purse and the Spargo are the hat plans coming?

  8. Great commentary! Made me laugh. Cats are so so.. so........ WHAT!!! SNOTTY. That's what.

  9. I love your Sue Spargo block. Can't wait to see your stitching on it!!!

  10. Hi Nancy,
    Those cats are surely best of friends!!
    I'm in London looking after my sons cat while he and his family are on holiday in Canada. He, the cat, just wants me to sit all day, so I have a companion as I try to finish my quilting.
    Love the block.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  11. Mickaëla10:58 PM

    You have patch everywhere ! Quilter's house !


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