The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quilt of Hope and More Pictures of the Past

 I finished another cross quilt today.  This one is called Quilt of Hope, because of the white cross.  I wanted to use one white cross since there are tiny white crosses in the black fabric.
 A huge piece of drift wood in the back yard of our house in Texas.  Our cat, Simon, sleeping at the very top.  How comfortable he looks in that odd position.  Funny that I brought that piece of driftwood with us when we moved to Montana.  Jim keep saying "you don't need that", oh but I did, needed something from the beach from Galveston.  I still have it, just lugged it over in a wheelbarrow yesterday to a fitting place next to the house.
 Sweet Spider.  She was so petite.  She never grew after her leg was broken.
A picture of me, hikeing on our first trip to Yellowstone from Texas.  I'm giving Jim "that look", as he would always call it.  He was trying to take the picture as he was vomiting and dizzy, had allitude sickness and refused to turn around and go back down.  We made it, but it was a long, long hike, stopping to let him rest and then carry on.  I was lucky, never did have that problem.

Lizzie, those special pieces from the past, saving them all in a special box, to take out and remember.


  1. How special Nancy, to have a little box of memories to bring out and treasure in the hard hours...
    Loving that driftwood, I would have brought it with me too...

  2. Love your photos and memories. Your photo reminds me of one Bill took of me when we were hiking in the mountains, always gave him that look. Geez, even the same hair style, lol.


  3. I love your cross quilt. It's beautiful. I hope you have a good week! Hold on to your memories. I enjoyed your photos!The one photo of your cat Sidney with the deer is wonderful.

  4. The memories are a bridge to Jim.
    Have a good week, in France the 15th august is a public holliday.
    Read you soon, Mickaëla.


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