The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hospitality Sweets by Jan Patek and Sue Spargo

I was happy to find this old BOM from Jan Patek and Sue Spargo in one of my quilting boxes.  I had completely forgotten about it.  It's a very old BOM from the ladies of prim, especially to see the combination of Jan and Sue, goes way back. Will have to keep it out on my ladder as a project that has to be made.
My neighbor brought over this apron for me to see.  She is always looking for a way for me to get back into business making and selling creations.  I love this apron, it's entirely made by some excellent seamstress, the apron is handmade and the giraffe is hand appliqued.  Hope you can see how she made his ears.  The ears are wide strips of fabric that have been folded over.  Very creative.  I can see it made Montana style with bears or cabins.  There is no tag, wish I knew who made it.
I sewed for 4 hours on the third block from Imperial Blooms today, no painting today, I said to myself, relax and sew.  I worked on all the embellishment stitches and still only half done.  I don't know how Sue sews so fast.


  1. It's a wonderful pattern you have found to make from Jan and Sue. The apron looks really good and will look even better with a bear or two. You can even do children's ones. Cooking is all the rage just now with all the TV programmes and competitions. I bought my girlfriend an apron for Xmas last year so you should do well.

  2. That is a beautiful pattern, definitely for the to do list.
    Can't wait to see what types of aprons you come up with, will be a fun thing to experiment with.


  3. I have some pattern of Jan Patek, I love so much!!
    The giraffe's apron is beautiful and exotic.
    Read you soon!!

  4. If I found that in my stash I'd move it up to the front of the line too. Very nice!
    As is the apron - Great Fun!!

  5. What a wonderful find!! enjoy finishing it!


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