The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot in Montana

Or at least my Burmese, Bailey, thinks so. It's really only 80 degrees. And then why do cats insist on sitting in the sun when it's already hot.

Just got back from town, the river is way high, actually see some houses and businesses on the river getting ready with sand bags. Still lots of snow to melt and we are at flood stage right now.

After waiting and talking to my insurance company, and then my Cobra people who now over see my insurance, I was at the drug store, the clerk put a fan on me so I didn't hyper ventilate when they said they didn't have me in the sytem, and then oh, yes we do, just hasn't been updated.

So after that, just felt a need to run into a quilt store, figured out I didn't have enough muslin strips to finish Jim's Cross Quilt. So in luck since this quilt store doesn't carry much except brights, she had a nice tea stained muslin that I will be able to use for wider borders. Less expensive than I paid online.

And then half price on her beads and embellishments, just had to buy a couple of odd looking sea shell like buttons, tiny, except flat with one hole at the top, will be perfect on any Sue Spargo project.


  1. That cat has the right idea! What a cozy picture.

  2. So cute seeing Bailey all stretched out. Don't ya' wish we could relax like a cat? So glad you found some fabric. It's so much easier picking out fabric when you can see it in person. And congrats on the beads ~ and on sale! Nothing better than a sale.

  3. My cats always want to lay on my lap when it's 90 degrees! The last thing I need is more heat from a furry little body! All the flooding there is headed my way-the Missouri River is over levees in some places, with more rain and melt water it will go over more. Reminds me on 1993. Oh well, guess the weather always gives us something to talk about!

  4. Bailey looks so content on your quilts.
    Glad you are getting your insurance settled.



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