The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 1, meeting Jim

Our early years make me smile now, how crazy the 70's were, I met Jim in the late 70's back in Texas when everyone seemed to be moving to Texas for the big oil boom. Jim had left Florida seeking that boom and leaving behind a chapter of his life that he doesn't like to talk about. I was working as a floral designer after quitting being an X-ray tech and an ex-husband of only a few years. The hippie thing was still going on for me I think, anyway, my friends and I would go to of all places, a place called the Red Barn, western and old rock music, such fun times when we were young and fearless.

Across the stage, there he sat alone sticking out like a sour thumb at the bar, shy, so handsome, smoking with a drink in one hand, Florida shirt. Funny I can't remember how many times going there before he came over to sit with us. We started dating off and on, so remember being on the Galveston beach and telling him this relationship wasn't going anywhere if he didn't start talking more. It was remarkable he was shy with his looks and personality, sweet, funny, but he had some demons to cast out yet from Florida. He had a scholarship to the University of Miami, would easily gone pro as a field goal kicker, still holding many records now as all state, but his Father destroyed that success in some way I still don't understand. So to Texas he came.

We started taking trips, went to Mexico for our first adventure, that should have ended the relationship right there, horrid hotel, lots of fun on the beach though, parasailing, flight back was with two drunk pilots, engine trouble, and held under house arrest for whatever reason with the rest of the passengers, until we were lead back on the plane, I was willing to get on that plane just to get out of there.

We started living together soon after that and then married by a judge who was on his bathroom break during a trial, me in summer overalls and Jim in shorts, not into those elaborate events I guess. And then off to Colorado for a trip, already knew we were ready for a serious change in our lifestyle.

An odd day at the hospital, Jim woke up long enough to be introduced to a new doctor making rounds for our regular doctor, stuck his hand out to greet him and back to sleep. Okay, I think I'm going to let him lead me not this path, where ever it takes us now. I watch him sleep today and see tears running from his eyes, to really know him, his struggle is amazing.

I have all the information everyone has been sending me and apreciate it, we will see what this week brings.

My thoughts also to the people of Japan and their tragedy.

Such good times, but when you are young, good times come so much easier it seems. A trip to Mexico, and other places.


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Nancy that is just beautiful!!! I know what you mean about being young, and how things just go differently. You dare to dare! I was married in 1975 after having gone with another guy for 4+ years, and leaving him the night I met my now husband. I just knew what I was suppose to do that first night meeting my now hubby. Thanks for sharing~!

  2. I covet the intimacies you choose to share - a glimpse of both you and Jim from a younger age before the doctors first delivered the devastating news to Jim. You're constantly in my thoughts and I send warm hugs to you. I keep trying to find just the right words that will lift your spirits but know what a hard thing that is for you to do at this time. Love to you and Jim from Iowa. ~~ Linda

  3. The good times do come easy when we are young, but it's the love and trust and loyalty of a strong and good relationship that helps us hold on when it all seems so wrong. When life deals us blows as we age together, because of what came first we can look back and remember how we loved and laughed, how we trusted and how we became who we are...together. My man and I have been together for over 40 years now and I can't imagine how I would be in your situation, my heart goes out to you and your Jim and I know that whatever the future holds, you are what you are because of your life together...

  4. I knew your story would be beautiful and quirky and bring a smile. I watched the Notebook tonight and I thought of you two. I think of you both often. Your devotion to Jim is nothing short of amazing. The examples you are setting (probably without even knowing it) of devotion, love, endurance and grace is uplifting even though your situation is not. I wish you both peace, Nancy. However things turn out, I wish you peace.


  5. You seem more at peace today ~ more accepting. The power of prayer at work! I love your story ~ a love story!

  6. Love this post, reminds me of my crazy youth.
    Love and best wishes ti you and Jim.
    Hugs, Angela.

  7. Your words paint the picture of your early days together - thank you for sharing your happy memories. The stories of days gone by can really warm the heart. As always, you and Jim are in my thoughts.

  8. Thank you Nancy, for sharing the story of how you and Jim, met.

    Continued prayers.

  9. Loved reading about your early adventures with Jim. Your obvious love for one another has carried you through some great times. My prayers are that those memories can keep you two connected now and always. How wonderful to share and enjoy his brief, waking moment.
    Love and healing hugs from Carol in Fair Oaks, CA

  10. I have been following you and Jim's prayers are with you, and I am so glad you are writing this down...good for you, and your employer needs to give FMLA!!!!

  11. such a fun, sweet,unconventional beginning for you both, obviously he must have started talking a little more....thanks for sharing a bit of your love & life together will always listen....


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