The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Square roots purse, big horns and more snow

Completed the Square Roots purse, that was my goal today. Love how it turned out, I could keep this one, more me, the colors that is. Then get the truck out of the snow, which I did and since we were running out of stuff, made a slow run on the snow and ice to Gardiner. Pics of all the snow, the three pics of the big horns are from my upstairs window this morning and one is from the highway, our house is actually up there, I can see it, but it's like a dot to anyone else and the driveway to the house, behind the beautiful snow covered trees.


  1. oh Love the snow pictures. just so beautiful
    the purse is amazing, I would not be able to give it away
    I would have to make another one!
    I truly love it

  2. I love that purse! Hope the snow stays in Montana although it is threatening here today.

  3. Well the new snow looks awesome from 'here' :-) but I'm sure it looks cold where you are. Hope you are tucked in by the fire warming up. Beautiful photos. Glad to see your family of Big Horns are staying close.
    Your square roots turned out beautiful and fun. Nice work!


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