The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas wool mittens and snow

Perfect time to start making my Christmas wool mitten ornaments, original pattern came from an old Create and Decorate magazine, change the applique a bit every year it seems. Will add some rusty wire to hang them.

And then we are receiving way too much snow this early in the season, 8 inches today and 20's and a weather alert for this weekend, another 12" and below freezing. with Jim disabled, I will be shoveling tomorrow. Need to find the long underwear for sure.


  1. Those mittens are just too darned cute!
    Don't shovel too hard and try to keep warm. Long-johns are a must *s*

    p.s. word verification is 'reheat' do you think Google is trying to tell us something?

  2. Very cute mittens!! I love that pattern...and your blanket stitching. I am enjoying seeing your snow!!

  3. these mittens are adorable!
    love the center one with the heart.

    oh how I wish it was SNOWING here....
    I love the snow , winter is just my favorite time of the year!

    sorry you have to do all the shoveling, start saving those dollars for a snow blower! or a plow for the front of your truck?

  4. Love the pictures of the snow. Time to hibernate.

  5. The mittens are soooo cute. I love Christmas decorations. I hope the shoveling is not too hard.

  6. Oh the picture of the snow though is beautiful!

  7. The little mittens are so cute. I want some for my little prim trees.


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