The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Wool Shawl and Wildlife

A pic of a wool shawl I bought, those are real fur balls, going to make a purse or two and some hats from it, the fabric is gorgeous. One purse will be for my pedi doc who is leaving the clinic and moving to North Carolina. I will be sad when she leaves.

And of course, more pics of the big horns, we only have females and the babies right now, the males are in a separate herd until spring and they started mating, they will be down chasing the females, seems only right, the males actually go head to head, butting each other to win over the female, I have seen and heard it and it's an awesome display of pure strength and posturing for their position in the herd.

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  1. You seem to find the most wonderful fabric (a scarf this time) that you'll use to make something special. Anxious to see the finished items.


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