The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


A little more progress of my
Emily Munroe Quilt...
The blocks from row three have been
reconstructed using the "potholder" construction method.

The wool has been turned to the back and whipped
stitched down over the backing fabric.
I used a very thin batting to keep the
 heavy applique from sagging.
This is a detail of the back from the original quilt
 that Frances Quinn of Hoopla Patterns included in her pattern.

 The hardest part of stitching this quilt...
lining up the squares and stitching
 the wool blocks to each other by hand.
My fingers have been screaming...
Looking back at all the blocks...
only six more rows to go.
The original quilt was made approximately in 1865
by Emily Munroe and is currently owned by the
New England Quilt Museum in
Lowell, Massachusetts


  1. Those blocks are so beautiful and I like the method, easier way to handle such a large and heavy quilt. Someday I need to get up to the museum.


  2. I can imagine these heavy materials are not easy on the hands. It is a beautiful project.

  3. Your work is simply amazing Nancy.

  4. Squeal! I am so excited to see you doing this in the potholder method. One of the things I like about he potholder method is that the backs can be so interesting. I can sympathize with you aching fingers and I admit I haven't yet attempted one in wool which I am sure is even more difficult. Thanks for sharing this treasure!

  5. That is a beautiful quilt you are creating. Thank you for sharing, and my hands feel your pain! Getting old isn't for sissies!

  6. sorry this beauty is causing you such pain. I had to take a break from some wool work about a year ago, as I felt I was developing some carpal tunnel. when I resumed, I had to consciously remind myself not to grip everything so hard and I used a longer sharper needle to get thru the layers. push thru with a thimble, and use a rubber thimble to grab to pull the rest of the way...this helped me. though I still can't do as much as I'd like. take care.

  7. WOW! You are doing such beautiful work (still)!

  8. This quilt is simply stunning, and it's not even finished! I'll have to research the potholder method for the blocks. Love the look!


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