The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

More Bird Dance

I've been snowed in twice in the last week so I've been
able to get lots of stitching done
 on Bird Dance between all the shoveling.
These are the Avocado Green Birds.
The three circles on the bird are stitched with the Bullion Rose
using a silken pearl embellishment thread.

Lots of Drizzle stitches on this block.

Those are Bullion Knots stitched down the bird's chest
using a variegated Valdani thread.

I really love the green used in these blocks.


  1. So sweet! Love these vibrant little birds!

  2. Fun birds! Must also be so much fun to make.
    It will always be a secret wish of mine to be snowed in:) I'm afraid the chance will be very little where I live.

  3. Your work on them is stunning, those are so beautiful.
    Glad you are doing ok in the storms and able to relax and enjoy your stitching.


  4. Such cute birds and amazing stitching!!

  5. The brighter colors are fun. Will be curious to see how you put it all together. Your quilts always have such good balance. Have also been snowed in for a day or two but cleaned off the desk instead of stitched - not nearly as fun.

  6. love the blocks, i forgot what pattern this is, also i bet you get snowed in a lot, to lazy for punctuation today lol

  7. What a beautiful use of your "snowed in" time!

  8. Hola,me parece un trabajo precioso. Quería preguntarte si los pájaros son creaciones propias o están sacados de algún libro. Muchas gracias.

  9. Hola, me parece un trabajo precioso. Y quería preguntarte si las plantillas son creaciones propias o sacadas de algún libro. Gracias


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