The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Six Cats in My Garden

I've been stitching some on Linda Brannock's Six Cats in my Garden.
I'm using the needle turn applique method. 
I'm auditioning the large flowers for color and placement.
I'll add those after the very large stems and leaves are appliqued. 

I'm very partial to these older designs, large applique with large cuts of fabric.
I'm using my stash of older Brannock and Patek fabrics.

These two fabrics in the background are for the stems, leaves and one more border.
It hard for me to believe that Linda is gone. 
So I stitch these older designs that are such a legacy of her immense talent.



  1. Nancy, Your posts always bring a smile and inspiration to my heart. I love that you do a lot of the older designs that I've not seen, but love.

  2. Love how your quilt is coming out. Mine are all messed up, my brain is out of alignment, lol.


  3. I love your new quilt! So fun and lovely. Linda's designs are among my favorites too.

  4. I love Linda's designs many to do ! Yours will be so fun !

  5. My feelings too, I love Linda's designs, I actually did this quilt myself, but i shrunk it to fit my space & changed the colors to my favorite fun to have the old fabrics! Love seeing your projects, stitch on....

  6. I made the Six Cats years ago and hang it in my hallway every year. I can't work on Linda's patterns or look at one of her designs I've made without thinking of her. I can't believe she is gone either and I miss talking to her. I love the old big appliqué designs too and enjoy the older books. I've done a few but there are so many I haven't gotten to yet. Your quilt is looking awesome. Lori


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