The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A View from my Window

A Pronghorn, such a beautiful animal, fastest land mammal in North America.

Such a thrill to see them grazing in the lower meadow.

They see something.

Just the Bighorns, making their way over the hill.
Such an exotic looking animal.  Wish I had those eyelashes.

Back to grazing after realizing the sheep were not a threat.
Marmots, wet from a rain, but on alert for some reason.

Or maybe just looking around.
This little one is still working on shedding that winter coat.


  1. You have such beautiful creatures where you live. :)

  2. They are so beautiful, as well as all the critters that visit you, would love to be able to walk with you and enjoy the area.


  3. Wow!!! Lucky you to see those beautiful animals out your awesome....thanks for sharing, Francine.

  4. Marmots....I finally know what they look like :) I would have guessed Prairie Dog.
    Pronghorns, faces are new to me...the white rear-ends are what I usually see in photos :P
    And the shedding furbaby is adorable!
    Jackie in NC

  5. Really nice wildlife photos; I so enjoy them. Great to be a guest outside your windows.

  6. How lovely, all these animals coming out in spring. Beautiful pictures again.

  7. I so enjoy seeing all the animals right outside your window. it all seems very calm.
    I've never heard of a Pronghorn before and those Marmots are so cute.
    Enjoy your weekend Nancy and happy stitching,

  8. You're so lucky to have this wild life sight from your window....!

  9. Nancy, What a great view you are so lucky.Hugs Cheri


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