The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Collector Series, Another Block and Elk

I finished the other block I was working on from the Collector Series, just picture it all nicely appliqued and ironed, pinned to the wall waiting to be stitched to all the other blocks, three to go.  I could take a pic, but then I would actually have to climb the stairs.  Feeling lazy today after a couple of days of needed snow and shoveling.  Anyway, here's the next block, lots of stars and circles, my favorites.
The extra project that comes with the pattern. 
A trip to the local school, local as in a 40 mile trip, for a flu clinic, first time I've let another nurse that I didn't know give me my flu shot.  I'm very particular, I like to know who to blame the next day if my arm hurts.  The nurse laughed, she felt the same way, think it's a nurse thing.  The school sits right on the border of Yellowstone, a few elk on the football field, notice the bleachers for the visiting team, home team has two.
Beautiful creatures, too busy grazing to turn their heads to me.


  1. I know the exact feeling of avoiding the laundry waits until I have the energy or no clean clothes...

    your wildlife photos are always a treat...

    no side effects from the flu shot for me...I always get one but this year it's mandatory at work...get the shot or wear a mask...

  2. I like doing stars in wool, with fabric I make a mess. Do the animals ever decide to visit when there is a game going on? LOL


  3. Evening Nancy....wonderful quilt fav to stars...Beautiful Elk grazing.....Blessings Francine.

  4. You have such magnificent views, girl.

  5. How I love stars, Nancy! I don't blame you for wanting to take a break after snow shoveling, though! Gorgeous elk! They look like they're nice and fat to get through winter!

  6. Great block! Did you get much snow up your snowed all day here in South Dakota...beautiful elk...we looked for some in Custer State Park the other day...nothing but pronghorns and deer though...a a couple buffalo...have a great evening!

  7. Uhm...small school? One of those bleachers could fit two families from my sons' school.

  8. I'm laughing at the 'stadium'. Boy does that bring back memories........

  9. Yum! Love those plaids. This looks like a fun block.
    Those Elk are hard at work.

  10. hey nancy, i love that pattern but i love stars and the prim look of these. i think i have a pattern similar. also love the small school and the elk. we dont have elk in this area altho every once in awhile one is spotted. there were alot in rapid city sd. always fun to see. so you have snow? our little bit is gone but... some in the forcast. i quess ill be glad when it finelly snows and im forced to be done ourside. maybe then i will get something done like stitchen, hooken ...enjoy your day nancy!

  11. Take it easy shoveling. Ours mostly melted on the drive and walks.
    The elk are something - right on the field!
    Love the stars - and those red plaids...


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