The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, August 31, 2012

Christmas in August and Losses

The Christmas BOM from my Yahoo sewing group, have one more block to go since I'm only making nine blocks. 
As I posted before the blocks are based on line drawings from Primitive Blessings Twigs n Sprigs, all free on her website.  Debbie and I take turns choosing the drawings for each month and then we are on our own.  Debbie does stitchery, I do wool, some of the other ladies use a combination of both.

I wish I could show you pictures, but there is a copyright issue, a large fire now burning in our beautiful valley since Tuesday, just south of Livingston which would be about 35 miles away from me, they haven't been able to get a handle on it yet able to save homes, a business, school and church which is amazing considering how many fires are burning here in Montana, the park and other western states.  You wonder how they can keep this up, but they do, establishing fire lines where they can.  This is beautiful land, mountains, forest, homes as well as ranches, raising horses and cattle.  One home lost and I know the lady, she is a quilter, a widow who lost her husband a year before Jim died.  She was only able to get out with her cat and some pictures of her late husband.  I remember her stopping by the clinic to show me a memory quilt she had made of her husband's shirts and stuffed animals from the shirts for her grandkids.  I don't know how she can stand that much loss.


  1. Do take care Nancy. It must be so sad to lose all your belongings and I feel for your friend. But, things can be replaced lives can't. There are wild fires in Spain with one man dead who returned home after being evacuated to collect things.
    Love all your Christmas blocks, the weather is cooling here cosy slippers on tonight!!

  2. I realized I missed one, the crows, so I will make that one up too when I get them ready for the weekend. It is sad to lose things that are precious to us, things we can replace, but not the ones that bring us memories and comfort.


  3. loss is always hard to overcome even if it " just possesions" we have emotional attachments to it all.....glad she was able to save some precious items....

  4. A friend that lived in a fire-prone area here in Australia, had a list ready, so as not to forget anything important when she may be close to panic, of the important items she would grab if she & her family had to leave their home with some notice. But when the risk of fires were at their worst she would leave the car packed for days at a time with the important photos, paperwork and some of her precious quilts ready to leave at a moments notice.

  5. Oh! Bless your friends heart and bless you in the hopes that you will be safe from these fires.

    I've tried explaining the devastation to my 'city' :) neighbors about how damaging these fires are to live stock and feed...... The poor ranchers!

    I'm so sorry your friend has lost so much... that is hard. Really hard.

    1. P.s. Love your quilt. :D


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