The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, May 07, 2012

Wash Day and You Know, Montana

Well, I didn't really wash this little quilt, airing it out since it has some vintage lace on the cuffs.  The hand applique is just raw edge with a running stitch and hand quilted with big stitches, real big.
If I remember correctly, the pattern was on one of those quilting note cards that come with the picture and instructions, too long ago or too much stuff already in my mind for me to remember, no label, and I can't put a date on those fabrics.  
Had to go down the mountain to take the trash before my trip out to run errands.  Looking back towards Tom Miner.
Still snow on the mountain tops since it snowed a couple of days ago, mixed with rain, a nice wet spring so far.


  1. I never tire of seeing the views in your back yard, so breath taking.
    That is a wonderful quilt. I need to do some rug cleaning, but rain coming in this week.


  2. Love reading your blog..Love the pictures of your backyard, so different from mine in VT....

  3. I, too, never tire of looking at your back yard...the snow on our mountains are just on the tops sad!

  4. So beautiful, Spring is such a mix, with lots of hope for warmer weather. Enjoy your venture.

  5. I enjoy your "Wash Days". Always a good quilt to see.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I've been struggling with a new internet provider so missed some posts and have just caught up.
    Thanks for enlightening me about the Sue Spargo quilt, it must be a labour of love to quilt but great to keep your legs warm on chilly nights.
    Love the washing line quilt.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  7. always love to see your projects and montana! your kitties are soooo cute. i need to show my corgi those exercises! enjoy your day!


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