The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, April 06, 2012

Collector Series

I decided today that I felt like stitching on prim as I watched the snow continue to fall, very prim as in the Collector Series from Linda Brannock and Jan Patek.
I probably have at least twelve of the blocks already completed, pinned on walls all over the house, just like how they look.  So I don't have that many left to complete and have used needle turn applique on all of them.
  Old vintage owls picked up at a garage sale. 
I bought the kit years ago on Ebay with all that great vintage fabric that just above recreates the original.  Each block came in that brown printed bag you see in the background.
Was able to get the background pieced and this much of the appliqued glued.  I can sit and stitch now.


  1. Oh I love these prim blocks. Love the fabrics that go with them.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Needleturn applique was my first love and I am inspired to start some when I get home.
    I never look on ebay for things, maybe it's time to start.
    Fabulous blocks!!
    Hugs Angela.x

  3. I LOVE this quilt! And did you know that Jan Patek is offering it again RIGHT NOW as a Block of the Month? I did several of her BOM's years ago but not this one. I've signed up and already gotten two of the blocks so far, again with that fabulous old prim fabric. I LOVE these designs. I went to Memphis yesterday to visit my daughter and new grandbaby and found a new quilt shop in the area. While it was gorgeous, breath-taking and overwhelming, I'm still drawn to my craft room drawers which are full of BOM kits from the greats years ago! I'm up early this morning with my first cup of tea and headed to my craft room to work on Block 6 of my By Wisdom a House is Built. Did you ever do that one? HOPPY Easter, Nancy!

  4. wow...snow. at least we know it wont be around to long now. love seeing all the babie that spring brings. last year i had stella the raccoon in my garden garage (i call it) and 6 babies. waiting to see if shes back! it was so fun but was glad when they moved on. for the most part they followed the rules and stayed out of the garden and didnt eat my pond fish. love your blocks nancy and of course they are perfectly primative! enjoy your day!

  5. Happy Easter!! The kids have finished dying their eggs. Time to hide them, put their baskets together and hit the sack!

  6. Oh to be able to work with those original brushed cottons,loved the feel of them.....


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