The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, February 10, 2012

Projects and Snow

I started back on my Imperial Blooms BOM 2011from Sue Spargo.  This is the July installment.  Making a few small changes as I stitch.  
Progress on the Pictorial quilt from Harriet Powers, my fingers were cramping from stitching those tiny points.
And finally, snowing, all day. This is looking out to the upper meadow and the cliffs to the side of the house.  Jim use to take me on a round about hike to get to the top, a tough climb no matter how you look at it.  One of the cats decided to scale it one day, it was hours before we were able to get her down.  I think she was grounded for a few days.


  1. What a happy memory, Hugs Cheri

  2. Oh, you started the Bible blocks. Have you seen the new pattern book by Kyra Hicks that has another of the Bible quilt block patterns? New book.

  3. Those are both beautiful projects. Hope we get snow tomorrow.


  4. Love the colours on the Sue Spargo block.
    You are a hero stitching all those small points,is it needle turned, that's a real labour of love!!
    Keep warm in the snow,
    Hugs, Angela.

  5. You have made great progress on your Harriet Powers quilt. I love it. Those points look little.

  6. Wonderful projects, I love snow!

  7. Cats with a mind of their own ;-)
    Love your projects - Emperial Bloom are wonderful - nice you can 'make it your own'
    Your points look great on the H Pwoers block.
    Stay warm.

  8. Wonderful !!
    In France, we had 2 weeks snow and very cold!
    Have a blessed day Nancy.

  9. A neighbor of mine introduced me to Sue Spargo. I can see why so many like her stuff! It's magical and the colors are fabulous!

    Your applique work is beautiful.


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