The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Progress on the Pictorial Quilt and Wildlife of Course

Almost finished appliqueing the first block from Harriet Power's Pictorial Quilt, not easy, those tiny points, using the needle turn method.  Have the four at the top to finish, won't look so orange when they are covered by a white floral circle. 
Once again, the original, courtesy of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Looking ahead to the next block, need to find some black muslin or a solid homespun that doesn't scream, needs to be slightly faded.
Bailey, of course he has to be in the room with his second Mum,
Sidney being his first, set up on not one quilt, but two and a heating pad and he's snoring so loud that Sidney and I both left the room when he was having a cat dream.
My view from my window as I sit at the computer.  The sheep surprised me by climbing the rock ledge below the house and looking like they weren't pleased.  Something had scared them from the lower meadow.
So they stayed close to the house, I could have smelled them if I had opened a window, not that they smell bad,  a little one looking at me thru the window, see the tiny horns, both females and males have them at this stage.  As they get older the horns on the males get huge.
They are at ease now, all worries gone as they graze.


  1. I love how your blocks are coming out. I use tea stained for my plain blocks and I got some black linen from Jo anns, that I used on the border of my sister's quilt, that would be nice for blocks too, has a a nice soft touch.


  2. Your applique is just beautiful. Nice job!

    I didn't know that about the horns of little ones being on both male and female. Interesting.

  3. Your pictoral quilt is truly a labor of love.

  4. I just LOVE this quilt, and really enjoy seeing your progress. I'll have to look for that pattern book, as I think I would really enjoy making one of my own. How wonderful that you are able to watch the sheep. I think they are so restful.

  5. Love Bailey on the quilts...I've never had one that snored...your Harriet Powers quilt is going to be magnificent, bravo for all those little stitches...

  6. What a lovely quilt! Nice view from the window! ;o) Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  7. love the view from the window, wow!!!!
    your block is coming along wonderfully. love your fabric choices...
    this is such an amazing quilt.


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