The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reindeer Table Mat Progress

Doesn't look like much progress, but considering it was with minor injury, just glad there's not blood on that white wool.   I decided I wanted off white wool for the base penny and so on a hunt for my thrift wools, I had to start sorting thru wools in a basket in a closet.  Not wanting to lose an opportunity, decided I would grab my winter coats while I was in there.  Grabbed a coat and next thing I know, I'm attacked by a coat hanger, it came flying out from behind the coat,  hitting me in the face under my eye. Oh.
 I go downstairs to have a look, yep, big whelp under my eye and a cut.  I go to the pantry to get something to clean it off, open the door, hit my head with the door. Oh.
 Get the stuff and go to close the door, on my finger, blood blister. but at least not to a sewing finger.  Finish cleaning the cut under my eye.  Rethinking what to do next, better get a cold pack and put it under my eye for a few minutes, and take a break.  I got the ice pack without injury, went to lay down on top of the bed and feeling a chill, went to pull a quilt up and over me, my hand slipped and I hit myself in the nose.  Oh.
Yep, a nose bleed. Where's the white wool is all I can think as I hold my nose closed to stop the bleeding. 
So there's a good reason that I'm glad there isn't any blood on that white wool, even if this morning it looks like I was in a bar fight, and lost. 
And I found all my off white wools, well worth the fight.


  1. You poor dear! What a catastrophic sequence of events. Take a deep breath and stay out of your own way. (smile)

    Love the reindeer mat. Beautiful and festive.

  2. Oh my! With that kind of luck, I hope you didn't buy a lottery ticket. It sounds like a "I Love Lucy" comedy show. Stay safe.

  3. Oh you poor safe ;0)

  4. This is a good story ~ if you're on our end of it!! Some days would be better off just staying in bed!! Hope all is mending!!

  5. Oh Nancy, you certainly have 'been in the wars' my Grandma would have said.
    I think you need coffee and chocolate to help heal the wounds.
    Take care,
    Hugs, Angela.

  6. Oh Nancy, I'm glad that you weren't too badly injured, it did make me giggle though, it's always the way isn't it.......nothing comes in ones or twos...

  7. It wasn't a good day for you!!
    Hope you're better today.


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