The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Aging, Painting and Favorite Things

 Actually thought to take a picture of the before and after, the second picture is the before, didn't age this one as much, funny that I'm finding these old quilts I made years back.  To think I actually stitched HST's, and the triangles don't look that bad.  Must have been too much since I only applique them now. Have no idea where the pattern came from or why I made it.  Obviously it was one that was one of those, okay, made it, don't really like it, put it away or use it to cover up something.  Now it's on the ceiling, adding color to a room. Easier than painting.
 Have one more "Egg" quilt to age to finish off the ceiling in the room.  Will probably do that tomorrow.  Don't need to get on a ladder for awhile.
 I finally, finally finished the trim on the outside of the house on the lower level.   That's why my body is screaming, stay off a ladder.  Anyway, actually found this little woodpecker at a garage sale on Saturday,  how perfect for the back door.  It's a door knocker.  I asked the lady what is this, it's a woodpecker, gave her my look, what does the woodpecker do, and then she showed me and we both laughed, too cute.

Some of my favorite things, and not expensive things either, the driftwood piece from Galveston, an elk head with a full set of antlers that Jim found as a winter kill, meaning it died naturally, I could tell that story of him carrying it home on his back on one of his beloved hikes, more antlers just laying around and little Bailey, watching me as usual thru the screen.


  1. Love what aging can do to a quilt.

    It's such fun to find little things (at a bargain) and give them new life. Everything has a story and I like to find a way to keep the story going *s*

  2. Share with us a picture of the quilts on your ceiling. An interesting concept.

  3. I too love to age a quilt. They aren't done till I at least tan dye them.

    You have certainly been doing some pretty things as I see from your last several post.

    I am looking forward to our cabin in the Ozark mountains in AR when we retire. For some reason your photo of your driftwood and elk skull made me think of that.

  4. Love your little woodpecker, that is a cute idea, though we have a real one that things our house is a good place to make holes;)

    The quilt looks wonderful with the aging.


  5. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Nancy, I love that quilt, especially after you aged it a little! I like your door knocker, and the door paint, I did get a quart of it and my front door is now the same color!!! Thank you for telling me what it was, and I didn't have to travel out of town to get it!!! Bev E

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I'm wondering how you attach your quilts to the ceiling. It would be nice to do in my little cottage. It was biult in the 16th century and has ceilings that I can reach from just standing.
    Love your woodpecker and door dressing.
    Hugs, Angela.

  7. Hi Nancy, Thanks for sharing your pretty quilts.I love the antlers and all the nature mountain look of your home.

  8. This quilt is beautiful !
    It's funny to see Bailey looking at you!
    Good day

  9. je n'ai jamais vu de heurtoir de porte aussi original. J'adore !
    Cette couette est magnifique.
    Merci pour votre petit mot.


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