The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Progress on the Zipper Purse

Always inspired by Sue Spargo's out of the box designs, the zippers have wool applique over them to hold them in place and add additional texture. You probably wonder why zippers. I had seen an interior designer in Country Living who made ottomans and coverlets covered in zippers several years ago, her name is Sandy Stone. Not the lady who has just come out with the zipper flowers and such.

Sandy Stone remakes old chairs with belts also, neckties, measuring tape, really, really neat items, which I'm also doing on my old wicker oak chairs where

the wicker webbing is giving away, you don't know hard it is to find "big belts" to cover the width of the chair seat.

Anyway, back to the purse, decided on the zippers for the purse, someone at the clinic had wanted it last year and am just getting back to it. The flower on the other side will be the pocket, cut the zipper into smaller pieces and embellished with more wool strips, pennies and some beads. The fabric at the top will be the lining and the back of the strap. I quilted the wool first so it wouldn't stretch.


  1. The zipper pieces give the purse a unique look. I have not seen a use like that. And big belts for a chair. A different use. The thrift stores generally have older belts but I don't know about wide ones.

  2. Very creative. I'm loving it!!!

  3. Your creativity is endless! Wow

  4. Really wonderful pieces and creative use of zippers.
    I have never sewed on a zipper, guess it is time I learned;)



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