The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Can't Sleep

So I will write to you instead. Mary and Ed brought your ashes to me yesterday, your green cane that you loved and had forgotten at the hospital, I'm using it now as I continue to try to heal.

We walked around the property, spring is slowly coming with milder temperatures. We have a mountain lion, found a dead deer, Mary has this keen sense of smell and could smell the cat. No bears yet, I won't be chasing them for awhile.

I put your ashes in an old antique wooden box with a radio decal on it, seemed only right since you loved your music, I will spread your ashes when I'm ready. It may be awhile, not ready to part with you yet.

Sidney and Bailey are fine, Iva calls me every day, worried about the Big Horns and the lion.
She only has 57 days left, you know what I mean.

I miss you.


  1. It's 6.40pm here. -a 17hour difference. There is always someone somewhere to read your story.I think you will like Sue's new book. The quilt is a great size. Not too big so more time could be spent embellishing it. I love that word, ever since I did her workshop. Keep well.

  2. Dear Nancy, you continue to be in my prayers. I know you will come through this. Lean on all of us! We all care!
    Love, Jeni

  3. I am praying for a healing both spiritually and mentally.. Gods power coming your way..

  4. Praying for strength for you on this journey. Hopefully winter is behind you and you will see the signs of new life all around you.



  5. Hugs and smiles are flying over from here.

  6. Sandy L.11:59 PM

    Thinking of you !
    Hugs and prayers--

  7. I haven't been to your blog in a really long time. I am very, very sorry to hear of your loss.


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