The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Little Porch Time

Decided to switch to the other side of the quilt and start with the house block, also decided to make all the applique blocks first so then when I'm ready to stitch behind the machine, can do it all at once, since I'm more of an applique person. Also want to blend all the wools I have for the applique and this is my method of sanity in how I work.

So all the wool on this block is thrift wool, except I added the smoke with one small strip of wool that I thought I would hook one day, who was I kidding.

I know, no wildlife.


  1. Very nice house block! Yes, hooking would be fun but I better not start that either.
    Hope you are staying warm.

  2. Oh now where is the wildlife??? I love seeing it. I live in the country and I find it very relaxing watching all of the critters!

    I love that house block! You always do such a wonderful job.

  3. Is the house block from a pattern? I have a lot of vinatge wool that is really cool and was looking for a project to use it on. I do not have experience with wool projects being large. Can they get too heavy to hang on the wall?

  4. Hi to All,
    I work with Nancy at the same clinic and I want to let her close friends know that she and her husband, Jim, were in a serious car accident on 1/17. Both were in the ICU initially. Nancy has been moved out because she's improving. Her husband is not doing well and he will be moved to a Hospice room at his request.
    Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Nancy will need the love and support of you all. I will update you as I know more information.

  5. Thank you, Kim, for the information. Please keep us updated until Nancy is able to write again.

  6. Thank you, Kim. I just knew something was wrong when I hadn't heard from her in a while. Please give them my love and keep me posted. This is very sad.

  7. Thanks Cherie for letting me know. Kim, I am so very sorry this has happened and will keep both Nancy and Jim in my prayers.
    I know you will let them know we are praying for them!

  8. Kim,
    Can you please email me, so I can let her group know how things are going. I am co-Moderator of her quilt group.

    Thank you for letting us know.


  9. Kim, thank you for posting this. We are praying for them both! Rosemary

  10. I just spent the last day with Jim and Nancy in Billings. She has been officially discharged but is staying with him in a "palliative care" suite. (The intention is keeping him comfortable.) Nancy was having slight difficulty with thought processing yesterday from her head injury but I noticed great improvement today with details and follow through. We know things will be fine with her because her quick wit and humor are still intact.

    Jim was sluggish but answering questions appropriately during the day yesterday but had a rough night, pulling off oxygen, being very agitated and disoriented throughout the night. They are trying to control his pain (from his chronic disease and his fractures & head injury from the accident.) The biggest concern at this point is being able take full breaths and clear fluid from his lungs. The best news is that plans are in the works for him to be discharged home the beginning of the week with some home health care.

    My concern for Nancy is being able rest and recuperate while trying to take care of Jim's physical needs. She's one tough cookie, though!! With a whole clinic of nurses watching out for them, there will plenty of problem solving going on ...whether she like's it or not...LOL!

    I'll keep you posted.

    Kim Quesenberry

  11. I have been so concerned all day after reading in our yahoo group about Nancy. Please, Kim, give Nancy my love and let her know that my thoughts and prayers are continually with them.
    Was the accident because of the weather? I'm guessing they were on their way to Billings.
    I feel better knowing all of her coworkers are going to be there for her during their recovery.

  12. Thank you Kim for keeping us posted about Nancy and Jim. I only learned about their accident when I went to read email from the Yahoo group this afternoon.

    Please tell Nancy that they are both in my thoughts and prayers.

    And I'll also pray that once they are at home, Nancy will have the strength to let others help her with Jim while she is also recovering at home.

    hugs from Carol in Fair Oaks, CA


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