The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I know there's a Christmas song about Santa and his reindeer and the hooves on the rooftop, need to have children to remember that song.

Anyway, laying in bed this morning with my first cup of coffee, thinking about Christmas and what we would do today, Jim doesn't go out much, to church or dinner. So I'm thinking about that when I hear noises down below on the deck. Loud noises, stomping noises. So I get up and go downstairs, Jim is still asleep and I go to the front door, and behold. A female deer. She's walking around on the deck looking for food. Not great pictures since I had to take them thru the screen, didn't want to scare her and have her break a leg jumping off the deck.

And then a picture of the quilt I had on the table that Fiesta asked about, it's and old Brannock & Patek panel fabric piece that I just quilted and use as a tablecloth. Very vintage piece of fabric.

And a Christmas gift to myself, I found Yoko Saito's book Woolwork 2004 on Ebay.
Thank you Geli.


  1. That is the book with the heart quilt in it right?

    I am going to have show my DH the pic of the deer on your porch! LOL

  2. I have one of those Brannock/Patek fabric panels. I have never known what to do with it. Your use has made me rethink things through.

  3. Can you read Japanese??? Great book??


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