The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yellowstone purse completed & a Big Horn

Since being snowed in since Thursday, I was able to finish the Yellowstone purse, left the holes in the army blanket and put pieces of the leftover army wool behind it to you wouldn't see the lining. You can see a closeup now of the photo pic from a campsite from early Yellowstone. I have so many of these pics and postcards that I photo copied and made up when I had more time to sell to tourists. If only I didn't have to work, and of course if Jim was healthy, life would be just a little easier, but so it goes.

Anyway, the day the plow came on Friday, was like a day from Saturday Night Live, driving up as far I as I could drive on our road and then hiking up to our neighbors, snow up to my thigh, keep thinking your back surgeon would be so upset if he saw me right now. Made it to our neighbor so I could get warm before I went back out, was looking for a guy named Chad who had just plowed part of the road, but not ours, everyone that went by, are you Chad, no, have you seen Chad, no, well, he's driving a snow plow, have you seen a snow plow, yes, where, up the road, and then another plow comes up, but he's hauling hay, I know he works for the same guy that Chad does, where's Chad, don't know him, how can you not know him, you work with him, he shrugs, oh for Pete's sake.
Can you plow after dumping the hay, no, it's not big enough to cut thru the snow. Thank goodness here comes Chad, nope, wrong Chad, the father, his rig is too big to get thru our gate, don't care, knock anything down to get to the house. My son, Chad has the little rig and I will call him. Thank you so much. Hike back to the house. It's already been an hour out in the cold. Get back to the house, make a sandwich, one bite, our neighbor calls, little Chad doesn't know where to go, come up here. Oh for Pete's sake or worse, back in the snow boots and off I go.

Of course the Big Horns are watching all this as I go back and forth, hike back up the road, think I need a knee replacement now after this, there's Chad. Do not stop until you see a little brown house at the end of this drive. Okay. Hike back to the house. Standing there by the truck with about 12 Big Horns wondering what is going on, up comes the plow, he's broken thru. His mouth fell open when he saw the Big Horns, are you kidding me, I know, pretty neat. And off he went.


  1. Love your Square Roots bag and the Yellowstone bag is very interesting to me! I can't imagine what it would be like to look out the window and see 12 of those big horns ~ I love your pictures of those guys!! Your story about the snow plow guy is just crazy ~ you must be in great shape to trek thru that snow!!!

  2. Wow, he is a pretty majestic big horn isn't he! Love that army purse!

  3. Over from Sue Spargo and love your work..


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