The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I fell off the fence, in a good way

Looking at this first picture of one of Sue's BOMs, Folklore that I completed,
I was very pleased that everything was there for me to start a new, inspirational quilt, no driving 60 to 120miles when I had a chance to get to Bozeman or Billings where there is real wool and threads. You know our time is money and time lost is quilting lost. I figure working enough, driving enough and spending time and taking care of Jim gives me that break I need to quilt, what I desperately need to relieve the stress. And if the block is ready to go, no hunting fabric, so much the better. Sounds good to me. And Jim refuses to move to
the Midwest, can't leave the wildlife or our serenity.

And then I never showed you the pic of the chair I took the webbing out
that was falling apart and used belts as the bottom, an inspiration from Sandy
Stone designs,
just need lots more belts from big people if you know what I mean.

Dorothy, the bear was playing in the grass like a puppy, you can look in their eyes for aggression. I'll probably be saying that as I'm mauled, well his eyes look sweet.

And our first deer is down, a small buck, can barely see his spikes of his antlers.


  1. OH, what a fun idea using belts as webbing!! Cool! I know...we just never have enough time for sure.

  2. I LOVE your Folklore quilt! What an amazing treasure. The colors and creatures are wonderful. Nice work and I hope you get to do another one someday.
    Also, really enjoyed your quilt slide show in your side bar. Great collection!


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