The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven things

I always like to know something about a person that really relates to me, things you wouldn't share with people you know or they may think you need "adjustment".

1. I've been an xray tech, secretary, florist, mail clerk (awful, awful, and more awful). and now a nurse which I really enjoy.

2. Married for we think, 28 years since we lived together for a very long time, 7 plus years.

3. Married to a kind man who just recently became disabled at too early of an age.

4. I'm still a tomboy at age 56.

5. Have a contest going with Jim to see who can go the longest without cutting their hair.

6. It would not scare me to take a mauling to save one of our cats.

7. I'm saddened by our country, but love individual people.


  1. Nice to read some things about you Nancy! Ditto on the country thing.

  2. I'm so glad you decided to share - I'm glad to know that you enjoy being a nurse. The Princess is considering nursing - but we haven't found a nurse who enjoys her work . . . so sad.

  3. I can see you in those - yup they are you!

  4. yep, understand the lived together thing, how it kinda mixes you up on married years, though ours was only 2 years not 7 .. :O).. still we get confused

    Good to know there are others who have many careers! :O)... seems there are several of us :O)...

  5. I work as a rad tech and love, love ,love my job...bless you for being a nurse because it has got to be the most worthy and demanding job in the world from what I see going on in my hospital...
    love seeing your postings...from your work to the animals...


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