The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Starting all over with blogging since I can finally publish pics,

so here goes, a pic of a quilt called a Penny Saved, made it a year or so ago for the Moda Challenge, 240 hand appliqued circles, needle turn which is mostly the type of quilts I do. All Moda fabric with most being from Brannock & Patek, my favorite fabric designers. Didn't win so it's up on my ceiling in the livingroom with Ode to Jan Patek and several others, will have to post those.

So today here in Montana, we still have multiple fires burning land, forest, homes, with the valley filled with smoke, so thankful to be safe. This other pic is of a man who had to lay in the river while the fire jumped the river and the whole time a robin floated in the river next to him and he had the calmness to take this awesome picture.

Okay, I don't know why the quilt pic is so small, will figure this out later. Help Dawn!

Tired of summer, hard to quilt with so many chores to do and work,I'm a nurse, drive 80 miles a day, a sick husband, four cats and wildife to watch over. Feeling sorry for myself today, never enough time for me or feeling selfish, can't decide.

Love Sue Spargo's work, working on her Mercer Lane, pic to come, lots of applique and wool.


  1. Oh Nancy! That fire picture is amazing! At first I thought it was s sunset! When you load up a picture you get a choice of small, medium and large. Maybe when you loaded that one it was on small?

    I love your penny saved quilt! I still think it should have won!

  2. OOhh Now I read about the fire... I was in yellow Stone this summer in teh begining at august. In which area was the fire ?? Yellow Stone have a special place in my heart for my lifelong...

  3. I'll post later today and link you to my blog , love Julia x


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