The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, July 20, 2020

Finally, No Seriously...

I finally got around to machine quilting
 Sue Spargo's BOM Fresh Cut from 2017. 
It was a challenge to say the least on my sewing machine. 
Easy free motion quilting I thought...
Sure lets machine quilt a heavy wool quilt 
in the heat of the summer, 
upstairs in my sewing room with no ac...
 I do like the binding.

 Some closeups of a few of the
 blocks when I first started this quilt.

Thanks for all the comments on my bear.
I haven't seen him since, not that I'm looking for him.
It's been pretty hot so I imagine he's gone
 to a higher elevation where it's cooler.

~ Stay safe ~


  1. Nancy, this is just beautiful! I can’t imagine the hours. Your colors and stitching,WOW!

  2. Nancy. It's beautiful!

  3. It is simply stunning! I'm sure it was sweltering under your machine, but well worth it. Just beautiful!

  4. I can't imagine machine quilting your Sue Spargo quilt at this time of year. I am wondering if it could have been done quilt as you go but looking back at the photo of the quilt as a whole, it does not look like individual blocks.

  5. Oh WOW!! It turned out just beautiful. I think it was definitely worth all of the sweating (so easy for me to say, LOL!!) but all kidding aside, you've definitely created another masterpiece! It's beautiful!!!!

  6. Absolutely stunning. You do amazing work. Truly a piece of art.

  7. Elegant 💕 Gorgeous work Nancy 😊

  8. Those blocks are beautiful! All the colors and little details make them delightful to look at and study!

  9. just catching up on your posts....this is stunning ~ congratulations on it, so much detail.

  10. That is beautiful. Wow.

  11. wow! It's a piece of art!


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