The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

More Fresh Cut...

Well, I'm still working on the borders so
 I'll share the rest of the blocks for Fresh Cut.
This might be my favorite block...
The Open Buttonhole Filler Stitch is used to stitch that vivid
lime green center of the main flower. 

That main stem is made with one of
Sue's signature ribbons.

The blocks are stitched together in panels and
in the case of the above block the blue bird that is seen
throughout the quilt is appliqued to that
 gray block and part of it overlaps
 two blocks after the panel is formed. 
Still not receiving email notifications from Blogger,
so if you have a question I will check back and answer it here.


  1. The second photo--orange lily--is my favorite block!
    Bernice in BC

  2. Working on this must make you happy, so colorful. I also do not receive email notifications from Blogger anymore, read somewhere it might be a change by Blogger rather than a hitch. I do hope that is not true.

  3. This may be my favorite of all your oh-so-wonderful quilts. I love that there's at least a bit of orange in each block. The orange lily is probably my favorite block too. Wow!!!

  4. What a lovely quilt!! Your stitching is amazing~!! Nice work!

  5. You have spent a tremendous amount of time doing the stitching on the blocks. I don't know if I would have the patience to learn how to do the fancy stitching but it looks so good when you do it.

  6. Wonderful. We have a group in Billings, MT that are doing wool work with Sue Spargos stitches. It's so yummy. Also like Cohen and Pink Floyd!


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