The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Thursday, February 01, 2018

The Emily Munroe Quilt

Emily Munroe's Civil War quilt...
This is where I left off last year,
all the blocks basted together.

I'm using the 'potholder' construction
method to reconstruct the quilt.

Row one...
I ended up using a very thin quilting

 Before whip stitching the wool over the cotton backing
and then whip stitching each block to each other.

Quilt back of the original showing the construction...
Courtesy of Frances Quinn of Hoopla Patterns...
The Emily Munroe Quilt pattern is an authorized adaptation
 from the historic collection of the
 New England Museum
in Lowell, MA


  1. I love the way it is put together, would be nice for quilting, without having to do the whole quilt at once.


  2. Beautiful and very special in many ways. Enjoy working on this lovely project.

  3. Stunning! I am anxious to see how you like this method. I have made 14 potholder quilts (so far) but they have all had added binding. I am anxious to try this method. I have started one but haven't put it together yet. Fingers crossed.

  4. adore this quilt. i am retired and love this pattern could i pay you for a copy of this or i could make a copy and mail it back to you. my income is pretty restrictive. love how you are joining these.

  5. It is such a fantastic quilt and yours is really spectacular!

  6. I have been tempted by that pattern so many times.

  7. Not sure what pot holder quilts are? But I am a novice u c... This quilt is beautiful... Hugs, lj


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