The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hospitality Sweets and Sidney

Only one more border to applique.  The bottom border is suppose to be appliqued pineapples, but I will use the birds instead, just like the look better.

Sun and few snow flakes and very cold, like 20 degrees.
Despite the cold, Sidney seems intent on watching me from the roof.

I really, really appreciated all comments the last few days.
All is well...


  1. I like the idea of birds too, I tend to go with uniformity. This coming from someone who just threw a bunch of designs together with thought what so ever, lol. Love that photo of Sidney, he is so beautiful.


  2. Sidney is a beautiful girl, although considering how she acts, more like a tomboy.

  3. That is just such a lovely quilt. I love every phase you show us.

    It's cold here in Michigan too. In the 20s. I'm thinking spring anyway :)

  4. Hi Nancy.....your quilt is so lovely....Sidney is such a beauty....Enjoy the weekend, Francine.

  5. Boy sidney sure keeps a watchful eye on you! your quilt is coming along so nice and i too love the birds on both ends.. the fabrics and color are as beautiful as ever! enjoy your weekend Nancy

  6. it is just lovely, hope to see it after the birds are added on!
    kitty, cute!

  7. Your picture of Sidney is fantastic! She's an absolute Looker! Love your quilt!!!

  8. It's looking fabulous!! :)

  9. He's certainly got his winter coat on!

  10. That quilt is going to be wonderful, I think you're right to change the pineapples to birds.
    Sydney looks very regal in this picture, I am intrigued to imagine what she is thinking!!
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Love that quilt! And Sidney, she looks so beautiful with her fur coat!

  12. You are making a lot of progress on the quilt. It is amazing!!
    Sydney is beautiful!

  13. I love this quilt, too! I love the changes you made to it. Very nice.

  14. Is that a smile on her face!


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