The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Imperial Blooms progress

Able to stitch some outside today on block one of Imperial Blooms, finally having beautiful weather. I added some extra beads and embellishment stitches. Will probably use beads on the big flower also instead of stitches, have some turquoise beads, will see if they won't be too heavy. The fuseable makes working with the velvet so much easier. Sue has it for sale on her website, think it's called Presto Sheer.

I do not fuse any of the wool, just globs of glue to hold it in place and since you only use a whip stitch to stitch the wool, the points are very easy, one stitch to either side of the point, and then one on the tip. One reason I love to work with wool.


  1. Oh, the more I see of Imperial Blooms, the more I want to do it! Hopefully Sue will release it as a pattern next year and then I'll get to do it. It looks lovely Nancy and I love the idea of turquoise beads..

  2. Really like the Sue Spargo design you're working on. Love her designs but my taste is more primitive. I keep saying that, knowing that one day I'm going to give in and work on one of her designs.
    I joined the local wool club last Saturday and purchased a felting thing-a-ma-jig that felts two pieces of wool together so you don't have to use glue or Heat & Bond. It's amazing how wonderfully it works.

  3. Hi Nancy,I am a primitive girl but I sure love to look at whatever your working on.It always looks interesting.I am always interested in colors and how everybody uses them different way in their projects,

  4. well you know I'm a prim quilter and i see primitive in Sue's designs, would change colors for mine....but totally appreciate and admire another's creativity....
    your's will be beautiful for sure!


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