The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt Country Mag from France from a Friend

I received this wonderful patchwork and applique magazine from France, from a wonderful internet friend, thank you so much Mickaela!
Filled with prim projects as you can tell from the pictures.  I love the quilted tablecloth that is pictured on the back of the magazine.  Quilting and stitching can pretty much be self explanatory regardless of the language, but I've been translating some of it from Google translate. 

Then a picture of pure content.  Sidney and Bailey soaking up the heat from the fake fireplace, just a small electric heater.


  1. Checking in to see how you are doing. I have not blogged forever, so many things going on in my life. All of your projects are lovely and I am hoping the very best for you.. Still think of you often..

  2. That picture of Sidney and Bailey is just too precious. :)

  3. Wonderful gift and fun projects. I love the different types of patterns in the european magazines.


  4. What a lovely gift. quilting is truly a universal language.
    Love the picture of Sidney and Bailey.
    Hugs, Angela.

  5. I will have to find a copy of that magazine; looks like a good one! I love those kitties. Life is warmer with the company of a kitty or two. Karmen

  6. Hi Nancy! I love the photo of your cats. They are so cute. What a neat gift to receive. It's fun to see projects and ideas from stitchers around the world.

  7. Cheri back to larkrise12:24 PM

    Sidney and Bailey look so cute!!!
    What a gift of inspiration from a friend .Magazines give you so many ideas.
    Hugs Cheri

  8. That tablecloth on the back in the brighter colors looks sort of Sue Spargo-ish, doesn't it?

  9. Happy that you love it!
    Good day from France!

    1. Hi Michaela,

      I have a design in an issue of the quilt Country Magazine in 2014. It is called Josie's Petals. Do you happen to have back issues? If so, would you mind looking to see which issue the quilt is in? I would love to know so I can buy a copy! It is ivory wool petals with soft colored velvet. The pattern is an antique block called Joseph's coat. If you see this quilt in the magazine could you please let me know? Thank you. Missie at traditional primitives . Com.

  10. Hello! I am looking for a specific issue of this magazine and can not find a website to order. One of my quilts, Josie's Petals was featured in the magazine this year, but I don't know when! It is ivory wool with soft colored hand dyed velvets and the pattern is the antique pattern, Joseph's Coat is the block pattern. Is Josie's Petals in this issue by chance? Thank you!


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