The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Monday, October 12, 2009


has brought the first herd of Big Horns down, this herd has three new babies.


  1. We are having early cool temps here in East Texas as well... much cooler than normal...

    I will have to show my DH your photos of your Big Horns, he always enjoys seeing your wild life photos :O)...

    I quilted and finished my Penny Saved quilt, the one I sent you a photo of the top...we just love it!

    Hope you guys are doing good :O)

  2. oh we had snow yesterday in NJ it was wonderful
    can't wait for me!
    I find I get a lot more quilting done in the winter
    we all tend to slow down a bit, which I just love.
    sorry I haven't found a full picture yet of the quilt
    will keep looking and I sent out an email last night asking a few friends if they know where it is
    Kathie who hasn't forgotten!

  3. Love those babies! It is cool here, no snow...but then we don't get snow here!

  4. I'm sure having snow this early isn't what anyone up your way wants to see, but it's been so hot for us here that it's refreshing to see that. The babies are so cute!

    We are supposed to finally cool off into the middle to high 70's starting tomorrow! I'm so excited to finally see a little fall (very little indeed) come our way.


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