The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Thursday, June 10, 2021


Since you guys thought the Turkey Vulture was 'ugly'...

Here's a very handsome Red Fox.

He was shedding his winter coat so his coat is
 not as vivid as it is in the winter.

      He was curious...

Very curious...

   Of me or maybe it was the annoying sound of my camera.
I'm left with this image of his beautiful piercing eyes.

I just spent two years working on a Sue Spargo quilt and finally finished just the top. It's her Forest for the Trees BOM from 2019. I hope to be able to share that soon. And now I am working on a Linda Brannock quilt, Raised Beds. A quilt of homespun cotton applique on a black wool background. 


  1. Handsome fox and such a big tail. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt top soon.

  2. He is very beautiful and lucky you to see him so close!

  3. One of my favorite animals. Majestic in their tiny way.

  4. Good to hear from you, Nancy. Great photos of the red fox. Keep stitching!

  5. These are lovely pictures of him. He's very good looking. I've have a couple of foxes visiting me the last couple of years. I always feel excitement when I see them. I live in a kind of urban environment - regular neighborhood - but I have woods behind my house. I'm in central NC. Always love your pictures.

  6. One time I saw some deer moving from the asparagus field behind our house into a field of alfalfa, so I decided to sneak out and take their pictures. I got behind some shrubs and on the ground watched and took their photos. They heard the camera and curious came to see what it was coming from. Love your Mr Fox photos!

  7. What a healthy looking fellow and such great pictures! Thank you for sharing them.


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