The Pokeberry Quilt

The Pokeberry Quilt

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Due to Technical Difficulties...

         I haven't been able to upload pics from my camera.            

But finally success.

So some photos of the Bighorn Sheep from February.

It was cold, beyond cold...
Like below zero cold...
for weeks.

With snow...

Lots of snow...

I'm always amazed how they all weather
such harsh conditions.

The biggest Ram who watched over his herd.
They are now enjoying the welcome warmth of Spring.

~ Stay Safe ~



  1. So sorry you've had problems uploading photos and glad you can now. These are great. I think those horns must be very heavy. I just now noticed that their noses, when viewed from the front, look like hearts!

    1. Thank you Nancy. The male horns are heavy. Mature horns can weigh up to 30 lbs. I always thought how unusual their noses do look like hearts,

  2. Magnificent!!! These need to be published in a nature book. So glad you get to experience them.

  3. The rams horns look like they have been trimmed. Is that correct? I wonder if he did some damage during the rut and the dept. of wildlife helped him out. He sure is stately.

    1. Known as brooming, the Rams will file down their horns on rocks and break the ends off especially if their large horns are obstructing their view.

  4. So glad to hear from you. Wonderful pictures


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